7 Future Proof Medical Spa Marketing Must Do’s

Medical Spas, Plastic Surgery, and Beauty Services are trending! Cosmetics & Health & Wellness industry has been one of the biggest benefactors of the social media era.

Have you ever taken several photos that are visually similar then chose the “best” one to upload and share with the digital world? The answer is most likely yes! Social Media has created a desire for people to upload and share their “best” angles so they can look great online, Medical Spas & Plastic Surgery Practices are a lot like those Instagram filters, the only difference is that they help you look and feel your best in real life! 

Invest in Your Skin, it’s Going to Represent you for a Very Long Time. — Unkown

How can Medical Spas & Plastic Surgery Practices help more people look and feel their best in 2019 and beyond? 

The answer is quite simple…by getting in front of your potential clients AND (this is the biggest part) connecting with your audience on a personal level.

Did you know that spa treatments are more popular now than they’ve ever been before? A few years ago statista.com reported that in 2016 a whopping 184 million people visited a medical spa!  That number continues to climb and we don’t see that trend dying down anytime soon. In fact, we predict that Medical Spas will continue to become more hybrid and eventually become a mixture of plastic surgery practices and beauty and wellness spas.

Are you ready to discover some of the great ways to get in front of your audience and engage with your prospects & clients throughout their entire customer lifecycle? Of course, you are! 


So What are the 7 Future-Proof Medical Spa Marketing Must-Do’s?


  • Local Listings Search Engine Optimization (Dominating Local Search)
  • High-Quality Website that Educates, Engages, and Converts site Visitors
  • Using Social Media to Cast a Wider Digital Net
  • Using Google Pay Per Click Services to Get in Front of Ideal Customers
  • Using Facebook to Reach Your Preferred Clients
  • Using Email Automation to Educate, Cross-Sell, & Convert
  • Delivering Unmatched Client Experience & Creating Brand Advocates 
Stand Out in Search Results with Local Listings & Google My Business Page

Local Listings & Google My Business

Potential clients turn to Google, Bing, or Yahoo for research and they heavily rely on the listings that show up with the best reviews and at the top of the page. Search engines like Google will show businesses that are in the searcher’s vecinity and since Google shows results based on relevancy and positive experiences it’s imperative that your business is optimized for local search and your clients are sharing positive experiences across the review platforms.

If you don’t have your business listed on Google, you can start today by visiting Google My Business.

The goal here is to make sure that your business shows up in the first few listings. Setting up a profile is easy, but don’t think you’re done yet! A lot of businesses fail to utilize the full potential of Google My Business by not regularly updating content, sharing photos, and not standing out from the competition by not implementing a review process into their marketing playbook. At the end of the day, if a prospect doesn’t know much about your business he or she will rely on other people’s experience with your business.

Another great way to boost local SEO is by creating and maintaining a blog that focuses on:

  • Your niche
  • Your community & your audience
  • Your services

Blogs are a great way to engage with your audience on a more personal level. Make sure that your blog’s content is tailored to the needs of the potential clients in your community.

A Responsive & Easy to Use Website

Your website is the digital face of your business. If your website isn’t better than your competitors then you (or us) may have some work to do!

By having a beautiful website that’s helpful, informative, and easy to use, you improve the experience of your visitors and in turn improve your Conversion Rates!

A Great Medical Spa or Plastic Surgery Practice website should be turning visitors into clients.

Here are some of the characteristics of a great website:

  • Your Website is SEO Friendly
  • Has Your Contact Information Clearly Displayed on Every Single Page
  • Easy to Navigate
  • Has an Online Booking System (Like Ours)
  • Clearly Communicates the Benefits of Your Services
  • Educates and Addresses Commonly Asked Questions and Objections
  • Has Discounts & Specials
  • Real Before & After Images (stay away from the generic & unrealistic results photos)
  • Lists all of your practice’s services
  • Has incentives and Lead Magnets that prompt users to join your mailing list

Having a visually appealing website is imperative because visitors won’t give you much time if your website looks dated and doesn’t build trust. You only have a few seconds to grab your visitors’ attention and a few more seconds to convince them to stick around.

Get in touch with our team if you need any assistance with optimizing your website for the best possible user experience!

Use Social Media to Cast a Wider Net

Social media is a powerful tool when it comes to engaging with your prospects. It’s highly visual with less emphasis on text. Your prospects and your clients are on social media so you should be too! If you’re not regularly posting on Social Media and engaging with your audience then you’re losing out on countless opportunities and you may be losing clients to other practices who gladly engage and target your audience.

Another reason social media is a powerful marketing tool is that by it’s design your posts are liked and shared. When you’re getting a lot of likes and shares you are opening up new channels of word-of-mouth advertising. The more likes and shares your posts get, the more exposed your business becomes. Because a person is sharing your post with their friends & family, you immediately become far more credible!

TIP: A great way to engage with your audience is by offering promotional giveaways, creating contests, and asking your audience lots of thought-provoking questions.

Use Google Pay Per Click to Dominate Online

Nearly 95% of Google’s Revenue is generated through their paid advertising programs. Pay Per Click is different than SEO because SEO may take months or even years of ongoing optimization but with Google Ads, you can begin showing up 1st day 1. Plus, SEO algorithms are always changing, that means that you may show up on 1st page after working on your SEO for months but if the algorithm changes, then you can wind up on page 15 overnight! Moreover, each year Google makes it harder and harder for users to distinguish whether or not the user is seeing an advertisement or an organic listing.

If you were to Google a high end service your Medical Spa or Practice offers, where would you rank?

Would you see your Practice on Page 1? Maybe if you’re near your practice’s location (Google uses proximity for relevance), but most likely not. What you’re most likely seeing are 5 ads right off the bat. If you are showing up on the first page for that search, that’s great! However, the majority of all clicks on Google occur on the first 5 search results, 4 of the first 5 are typically ads, 5 if you count the Ad that you see on the Maps!

Remember, Google is constantly updating their Google Ranking Algorithm so you’re never guaranteed to be listed on page one organically, besides, Google is a business that generates 97% of its revenue through ads, so think about that…

Surely you want to get in front of as many future clients as possible, right? Let us make sure that your practice is there for your future clients, every single time.

Show up when your prospects are searching for your services!

Use Facebook to Reach Ideal Clients

Facebook has become a very powerful marketing tool. The social platform has 2.3 billion monthly active users and more and more people sign up each day.

Courtesy of Statista.com

Why you should Advertise on Facebook

  1. Your Audience is on Facebook
  2. Facebook Ads are Cheap
  3. Targeting of Facebook is Remarkable
  4. You can run Remarketing campaigns with your Facebook Pixel
  5. Facebook let’s you find similar audiences and find new leads

One of our favorite capabilities that we utilize is “audience cloning”. Audience Cloning is a great tool because once you have developed an audience that regularly converts, all you need to do is expand your audience by tapping into the “Lookalike Audience” feature.

Lookalike audiences can also be built with conversion pixels (for instance, the conversion pixels from your pay per click ads!), upload your existing customer data, or simply from fans of your Facebook page. You can then further refine your audience to make sure that your lookalike audience is an accurate representation of your ideal buyer persona.

Use Emails to Automate Your Conversions

Email marketing is a very powerful tool. Once you have someone’s email, they are yours and you can do with them as you please. So long that they don’t unsubscribe.

From a marketing standpoint, one of the key objectives of any marketing campaign is usually collecting contact information of the users who are receiving your ads. An email address is one of the most valuable possessions a business has on its prospect or client. If done right, you can touch the prospect and coach them into a buying decision.

Collection of Email Addresses should be one of your top priorities when running marketing campaigns, especially when you’re expecting the consumer to spend a lot of money. With a solid Email Campaign, you can educate new prospects, sell an idea or a dream, then keep them hooked through their entire buying journey.

If they’re not ready to buy this time around, you can continue nurturing them and getting them ready for the next promotion or event. The key is to keep on top of their minds, which may sound like it’s hard to do when you have thousands of contact on your email list, but it’s actually quite simple if you use software to automate your entire conversion journey!

Deliver Exceptional Experience to Your Clients

Jeff Bezos hit the nail right on the head when he stressed the importance of focusing on your customers and not so much on the competition. Because it doesn’t matter if you’re marketing, selling, or conducting business, when you focus on the customer you naturally begin delivering more relevant content through your marketing channels, simplify your sales cycle, and delivering the best possible experience. As a result you wind up with happy clients who are loyal and become your personal brand ambassadors. A brand ambassador is someone who will recommend your business, leave your business a review, and stick around for the long haul.

It’s important to always look for ways to deliver the best possible experience to your customers no matter where they are in their customer journey, the main reason is that it costs a lot more to acquire a new customer than maintain one. So if your clients are constantly churning and you’re not getting more value out of each one of your clients, then you may need to think of creative ways to continually engage with them and add value by addressing their needs on a personal level.